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Training & Consultation

10330195_sTraining Workshops 

Sheila is an experienced trainer who has been a leader in the Toronto area in the development of interdisciplinary collaborative team practice and has provided training and consultation to collaborative professionals who wish to enhance their skills using a team approach.

Along with other legal and financial professionals, Sheila provides the following training:

  • Introduction to Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice (Level 1)
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Skills Training (Level 2) 

Sheila also provides workshops on:

  • The Role of the Family Professional in Collaborative Practice
  • The Importance of Debriefing
  • The Challenge of Neutrality
  • Parenting through Separation/Divorce
  • Making Marriage Work

Consultation & Supervision

Sheila has mentored and supervised the clinical work of numerous mental health professionals and teams. Sheila has also supervised and trained mediators within a court-related context and was previously an instructor for the Mediating Custody and Access Disputes course in the Family Mediation program at McMaster University.

  • Sheila currently provides case consultations to mediators and collaborative professionals who want assistance to deal with difficulties they are experiencing in their practice. 
  • Sheila also offers mentoring and internships to other mediators who are beginning their practice.

For more information, please contact Sheila directly. To read a full list of the trainings and workshops Sheila has given, click here.  For a list of upcoming trainings and workshops, click here.