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129308891_detailWhether you have chosen to initiate a separation or are challenged to accept it, Sheila is committed to helping you move forward with your life in a manner that minimizes prolonged conflict and its impact on your children.

What is mediation?

Family mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral person helps you to discuss and resolve family and relationship issues. Mediation allows you the opportunity to speak directly to one another about issues of concern in a neutral environment and to engage more easily in cooperative problem-solving.

How Can Sheila Help?

The process of ending a relationship is a challenging one, particularly when there are children involved. Sheila’s practice specializes in helping parents to mediate parenting plans and to clarify their expectations of one another regarding their children. Sheila is an Accredited Mediator (OAFM) and brings up-to-date knowledge and years of experience in working with children and families to the table. Choosing mediation to work out parenting issues can be an important way to help your children make a positive adjustment and minimize the impact of prolonged conflict on them.

Through mediation, Sheila can help you to develop a parenting plan to meet your children’s needs and keep your children out of the middle of conflict. This includes discussing how you will make decisions about your children’s medical and educational needs, religious and extracurricular activities, and how they will spend time with each of you. Sheila does not mediate financial issues, but works with colleagues who specialize in this area.

Mediation keeps you as the decision-maker in your children’s lives.

You know your children’s needs best. Rather than having your lawyers talk to you individually and then negotiate on your behalf, or have a judge/arbitrator make a decision for you, mediation can provide a process that is typically:

  • Less expensive
  • Faster
  • Less stressful

What is the process?

Sheila begins the mediation process by meeting with each parent individually to answer questions about the process, to obtain a better understanding of each parent’s concerns and goals, and to obtain each parent’s perspective about the needs of the children. If the parents are not yet working with lawyers, Sheila will provide referral information to ensure that each parent has access to legal advice throughout the mediation process. At the end of the process, Sheila will draft a parenting plan report, which can then be forwarded to your lawyers for independent legal advice.

When parents agree that it would be beneficial, Sheila or one of her colleagues, may meet with the children in order to bring the children’s voices into the process to assist you to develop a plan that best meets your children’s needs.

Sheila is also able to work with you once your parenting plan is completed should further issues arise in the future.

Can Family Mediation assist with other Family Conflicts?

Sheila is also able to assist people to resolve the following:

  • Parent/Teen/Adult Children conflicts
  • Parent/Grandparent conflicts
  • Adult Sibling conflicts
  • Family Business relationship conflicts