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Specialized Parent Counselling for Separation & Divorce

Parent CounsellingSheila offers solution-focused strategies to address the problems you are facing while going through any phase of separation or divorce.

Parent Counselling

Sheila offers services to parents who want to know how to inform their children about the separation, and to gain a better understanding of how children react to separation and divorce so that they can help them through the process. For parents who wish to learn how to co-parent well, Sheila brings up-to-date knowledge, research findings and years of experience to the table. Children can cope with separation and divorce provided that they are not caught in the middle of ongoing parental conflict, and are receiving good quality of parenting in both households. Sheila can help you restructure your communication with your ex-partner, work co-operatively in a co-parenting relationship and ensure that prolonged conflict does not negatively impact you or your children. Sheila is also an Accredited Mediator with extensive experience in mediating parenting plans for children of all ages. Through parent counselling, Sheila can help you:

  • Talk to your children about the separation
  • Understand how children experience the process of separation at different ages/stages of development and what you can do to help your children
  • Develop a parenting plan to meet your children’s needs and keep your children out of the middle of conflict. This includes discussing how you will make decisions about your children’s medical and educational needs, religious and extracurricular activities and how they will spend time with each of you
  • Acquire tools to communicate more effectively, set new boundaries, and minimize prolonged conflict

Sheila does not do custody and access assessments, provide recommendations to the courts, or make decisions for parents.