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Specialized Counselling When Parents Have New Partners

20722118_blogDating, New Relationships & Step-Families

Dating and bringing new partners into your children’s lives successfully can be both rewarding and challenging. While you and your new partner are likely approaching this new family relationship with joy and expectation, your children or your new partner’s children may not be quite as excited. They may feel uncertain about the upcoming changes and how they will affect the relationships with their natural parents.  They may also be worried about how they will get along with new step-siblings.  Parents may feel challenged to balance their children’s needs and those of their new partner.

Sheila has extensive experience working with parents who are in serious relationships with new partners.  She can help you decide how best to introduce children to new partners as well as work with all family members to make this transition in a positive way.

If a new partner takes on the role of a stepparent, Sheila can provide you with strategies to make this a success by helping you to clarify expectations, define boundaries, and communicate effectively with your partner and stepchildren.