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Couples Counselling

89024935_detailThrough couples counselling, Sheila is committed to helping you prevent relationship breakdown by learning skills to improve your communication, enhance your understanding of each other’s needs, and manage the inevitable conflicts that arise in relationships due to the stresses of everyday life.

Over time, constant fighting and hurt feelings cause wear and tear on the fabric of your relationship. It is best to deal with relationship problems early on. Left unattended, intimacy and caring begin to erode and many people find themselves feeling alone, even though they are in a relationship.

Sheila can work with you to develop new skills to improve and strengthen your relationship. These skills include:

  • Actively listening to one another
  • Communicating your needs in a way that can be heard
  • Letting go of “losing” strategies that are keeping you stuck
  • Empowering you to give one another more of what you each want and need
  • Treating each other with respect

Common issues that couples face include a lack of intimacy, betrayal/trust issues, difficulty getting past old hurts, parenting and step-parenting challenges, different approaches to handling finances, difficulties with in-laws/extended family, or challenges balancing work, personal, and family commitments.

It is important when choosing a counsellor, that you each feel comfortable and can relate to the person you are choosing.  Feel free to contact Sheila for an initial discussion to decide if you would like to go ahead and book an appointment. There are no minimum required sessions and you can book one session at a time.