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Specialized Child & Adolescent Counselling for Separation & Divorce

Special CounsellingSheila offers solution-focused strategies to address the problems you are facing while going through any phase of separation or divorce.

Child & Adolescent Counselling

Children and adolescents need time to come to terms with their parent’s choice to separate. It may be difficult for them to talk directly with their parents about their feelings, concerns, or questions about the future for fear of upsetting them or making things worse. Parents can also feel unsure about how their children are really coping with the changes in the family.

Sheila works with children for short-term focused counselling to provide an opportunity for their individual worries and concerns to be addressed and for their voices to be heard.

Often it is important to separate out the work of the parents from the emotional needs of the children. In these instances if Sheila is working with the parents, she may ask one of her colleagues to meet with the children. Parents then attend a feedback session with Sheila and Pam to discuss how their children are coping with the separation and some strategies for helping them.

In this way, Sheila offers a unique approach to coordinate services and inclusively address the differing needs of all family members in a private practice setting.